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Written by Maureen Bentley on 30. Apr, 2014

Willy and Prince. Thanks Bev for my gorgeous boys.



Thanks Bev for my boys

Written by Geoff on 7. May, 2014

Archie, at 13 months. He has a great temperament, and has great fun chasing Tilly around the house! Thanks, Bev!



Written by Shanae Toole on 22. Apr, 2014

We have had our beautiful Cody for just over a year now, and our family thanks you dearly for our lovely addition. Her big size matches her big personality, and all our visitors fall in love with her instantly. We absolutely adored the environment in which she was bred, and thank you again for being so informative and helpful.



Written by Verity Roberts on 7. Aug, 2013

Thank you so much for the Beautiful Girl, I got from you. She is such a loveable little (big) girl and fits in so well with our 2 burmese boys. The boys have taken to her so well,and play with her, even though at almost 9 months, she is twice there size.



Now whose boss??

Written by Jeanette on 5. Apr, 2013

Dear Bev,

Thank you so much for your help - we never visited you because we live out of state. But it says a lot that we chose you. It was clear from your website that you are a quality breeder, and I loved that your cats are real home pets, not farmed and kept in cages. Poppy is settling in really well, she's adorable, such a lovely personality, so friendly and so loving. She and Charlie get on really well - it's cute watching them play. She's boss though - see the pic.




Written by Lachlan on 8. Mar, 2013

Thank you for inviting us into you loving home and allowing us to bring this beautiful baby girl, Harley-Quinn home with us.



Written by Evelyn on 28. Jan, 2013

Hi Bev,
Thank you very much for letting us come to your beautiful clean home and spending time with the kittens & yourself.This is our beautiful boy Archie. Considering last born now at 7 months old weighing at 7.4kg getting big.He is so funny and smart. Archie sits down when asked too like a dog, gets along with all the animals dog,cat,bird & even our turtles.I almost forgot to tell you that you have the most amazing web site I've seen and gorgeous maine coons.



Written by Katie Reynierse on 30. Nov, 2012

Hi bev ....Its Katie here just wanted to say a big thank u to you for our beautiful boy Wilson :) he is getting such a big boy!! And we live him dearly ..... β™₯ & also would just like to say i had a awesome experence at your place and i can tell you love these beautiful coons so very much Your a top breeder bev.... Am hopefully will get another coonie off you in future.



Written by Michelle Hodges on 25. Nov, 2012

Hi Beverly,



Written by Jackie on 25. Nov, 2012

Hi Bev, Diego and Thor are doing great. They are growing fast and although there is 6 months between them they behave just as naughty as each other although having said that Thor wins every time. We gets lots of loving and they are very well mannered, almost like a pup. Love them both very much and they are valuable members of out fury family.



Written by Lauren on 15. Oct, 2012

Thank you once again for our lovely boy Harrison.
He’s sweet and loves nothing more than a cuddle at night. Although he does take up most of the bed these days.
You were absolutely wonderful to deal with, and the continued care you provide is amazing.
Thanks again.



Written by Jill on 13. Oct, 2012

Hi Beverley, was just looking through your site you have some beautiful fur babies, Im the proud owner of Yendor One perfect day (Bella) and also have her son Pawsnmore heartbreaker ( Malaki) and his half brother from Leon and Bj, Simba aka pawsnmore Lion king, i love coonies <3



Written by Chantal Henderson on 6. Sep, 2012

Thrilled to have found you Beverley. Looking forward to our future cat meeting us.



Written by Amanda Symonds on 4. Mar, 2012

We can't thank you enough for our beautiful Charlie. What an amazing kitten, so confident and calm (even after flying all the way to Perth!), and such a sweet affectionate boy! My new shadow is such an amazing addition to our family, we just love him to pieces!



Written by Steven Reid on 21. Feb, 2011

Hi Bev,
Congrats on a great website with your beautiful Maine Coons.
All the best with breeding and hopefully showing.
cheers Steven



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