Babies bred by Cooncastle.

Natalie Sadler 25.12.2020 02:31

Hi I am looking for a kitten to join our family. As a breeder of Brittanys my dogs loved their cat who has recently passed. Hoping we can find the right fit.

Leisa Commins 22.05.2020 11:10


I like Smoka. He has that boofy wild look. Are you planning any future litters with him?

Subi 18.04.2020 07:30

I am interested for mainecoon kitten. Please let me know if you have any atm.

Hannah Smith 26.03.2020 03:27

I am hoping to put my name down for a pale or white kitten - female or male.
Thank you

Sia 16.05.2017 10:05

Me and my 11y son are looking to buy a kitten.
Do you have any ATM and we don't mind what sex.
My neighbor has a Maine coon and we have fallen in love.

Nat 23.03.2017 03:26

I am very keen on a female kitten. Our home is really missing our ginger main coon as she sadly passed away. We want to Open our home and heart to another cat.

Jane Begolo-Wyatt 01.12.2016 18:13

I would love to bring home one of your brown tabby or white and torti! <3 <3 <3
(I know these kittens are not available.)

Ronnette 01.06.2016 13:50

Hi your kittens are so cute. Especially love the White babies

Heather 04.01.2015 06:26

Hi Beverley,
Your Maine Coons are absolutely gorgeous, & your babies are SO cute....keep up the wonderful are breeding some stunning Maine Coons!!!

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03.02 | 00:40

Hi do you board maine coons? Where abouts are you located?